Pulmo Hevert 40 Tabs

Pulmo Hevert 40 Tabs

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Natural homeopathic remedy for inflammations of the respiratory tract with cough, smokers' cough

  • BREATHE AGAIN FREELY - Pulmo Hevert helps relieve inflammation of the respiratory tract so you can breathe right once again without dissolving into fits of irritating and painful coughs. Our homeopathic remedy will help clear lungs and soon have you living your life without hindrance.
  • FEEL BETTER WITH NATURE - Our cough med tablets are expertly combined with nine natural active ingredients to make the ailments of lungs and throat go away without any chemicals that are harsh to your body. Experience better care with nature.
  • VERSATILE REPAIR ACTION - Our cough medicine for adults packs a range of cough relief action. Its effects include curbing inflammation, relieving the nagging urge to cough, relaxing the bronchi, and promoting productive coughing for a speedy recovery.
  • COMBATS MULTIPLE COUGH TYPES - Pulmo Hevert is an all-rounder expectorant and cough suppressant. It rids the inflammation of the respiratory tract, spasmodic or dry cough, smoker's cough, provides congestion relief, and acts as a supportive treatment in asthma.
  • FOR AN EASY INGESTION - Our cough suppressant tablets can be easily ingested by not only adults but children as well. They dissolve within the mouth thus eliminating the painful swallowing, and has the advantage of being taken along any conventional medicine as an extra aid.

Natural homeopathic ingredients: Drosera, Grindelia, Kalium jodatum, Naphthalinum, Spongia, Sticta, Teucrium scorodonia, Verbascum, and Yerba santa

Adults and children over 12 years of age: In acute conditions let 2 tablets dissolve in the mouth up to 6 times daily. In chronic conditions let 2 tablets dissolve in the mouth 3 times daily. Take the tablets on a clean palate half an hour before or after meals and allow to dissolve slowly in the mouth. For small children it is preferable to dissolve the tablets in some water. Children from 6 to 12 years of age: In acute conditions let 1 tablet dissolve in the mouth up to 6 times daily.