Adler Schussler Salt No. 11 Silicea 12x 200 Tabs

Adler Schussler Salt No. 11 Silicea 12x 200 Tabs

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Silicea 12X (Silicic acid)

Uses: Hair, Nails, Skin

- Brittle Hair and Nails

- Irregular Nail Growth

- Hair Loss, Prematurely Ageing Skin

- Excessive Sweats, Sweaty Feet

Helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of hair, skin and nails

  • Dr. Schuessler Salts stimulate cell metabolism, and restore the mineral imbalance by making the cells of the body susceptible for absorbing the minerals from food. 

Silica triturated homeopathically to 12X

General dosage for adults is 2 tablets x 3 times daily. See label for more information. Adler Schuessler Salts disintegrate and dissolve easily in mouth, making them very convenient to take on regular intervals. If necessary, they may be dissolved in a small amount of water, and then be sipped slowly.